(Lyndonville, VT)

Trout River Brewing was founded in July 1996 by Dan and Laura Gates. We began brewing in early December of that year. We still own and operate this microbrewery in the northeastern region of Vermont–The Northeast Kingdom! Come visit this special and beautiful place and taste all that the Kingdom has to offer.

Trout River Brewing prides itself on creating and serving fresh, all natural, premium ales and lagers. Our beers are made with pure Vermont water, the best imported and domestic malts and hops, and quality yeasts. Nothing else is added and we take nothing away!

At Trout River Brewing, we believe that the naturally occuring settling of unfiltered brews results in a more flavorful and complex taste. As well, filtration robs the aroma which is a very important part of the beer experience. Therefore, we do not filter our beers!