Harvest Moon comes to Vermont!

Harvest-MoonFor Immediate Release: Calmont Beverage Co., Inc. a Vermont Distributor has been appointed the rights to distribute Harvest Moon Cidery for the entire state of Vermont. Calmont Beverage will be receiving in the warehouse for distribution on 5/20/2014, Blueberry Moon 750ml, Cherry Moon 750ml, Red Barn Raspberry 750ml, Four Screw 22 oz. , Maple Moon 750ml,  and Heritage Hops 22 oz. Bottles About Harvest Moon Cidery (www.harvestmooncidery.com)

The Harvest Moon Cidery at Critz Farms is our small farm winery specializing in making hand crafted hard ciders in small batches.  Established in 2011, the Farm Winery is the culmination of years of planning and experimenting with product development.  Our ciders are all made from a base of our farm fresh sweet cider, fermented with champagne yeast, then blended with either maple syrup, honey or fruit juice, to create a variety of delicious products.

Cidery_Photo1We pride ourselves in using our apples from our own orchard, pressed in the traditional style, on an antique rack and cloth press. By making our ciders in small batches, we can be sure that they are perfectly pressed, fermented, aged and blended for a delightfully delicious result! Some of our ciders are sparkling or lightly carbonated. Many are available on tap as well.