New Beer Products this week

NEW!  Rock Art Russian Imperial Stout Barrel Aged *Limited 12/17/2013.   Russian Imperial Stout, thick, juicy, big, bold all wrapped together in a dark beer. To age this, we found some beautiful bourbon barrels freshly emptied from the distillery. During aging the ale … Continued

New Wine Products this Week

NEW! Rex Goliath 500 ml Tetra Packs 10/28/2013: As one of the fastest-growing Top 10 Premium wine brands, Rex Goliath is now available in the ultimate convenience package: 500ml Tetra Pak. Rex Goliath Tetra Pak is available in Chardonnay, Pinot … Continued

Brewers Association

Breaking: Brewers Association raises craft brewery cap to 6 million…. BREWERS ASSOCIATION ANNOUNCES REVISED CRAFT BREWER DEFINITION (Boulder, CO) – The board of directors of the Brewers Association (BA), the trade association representing the majority of U.S. brewing companies, has … Continued