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Hop Valley for Vermont Distribution: 03/19/2014

hop-valley-logo1For Immediate Release: Calmont Beverage Co., Inc. a Vermont Distributor has been appointed the rights to distribute Hop Valley for the entire state of Vermont. Calmont Beverage will be receiving in the warehouse for distribution on 3/19/2014, 541 American Lager 4/6 Cans,  Double D Blonde 4/6 Cans, Alphadelic IPA 4/6 Cans, Citris Mistress 22 oz. Bottles, Alpha Centauri DIPA 22 oz. Bottle, and Proxima 22 oz. Bottles.

About Hop Valley Brewing (www.hopvalleybrewing.com):

Not too long after we opened our brewery in Springfield, we realized we were gonna need a bigger boat.  We found it on First Street in Eugene.  There a building built in 1950, has been brought back to life as Hop Valley’s new brew house and tasting room. While completely state-of-the-art, our facility also honors our past, offering many signs of our commitment to sustainable construction and business practices. For example, virtually every piece of an old barn (circa 1890), generously donated by Silver Tail Farms, was used in our tasting room and patio area.  All of the furniture was hand made from repurposed local fir and steel. Back where the magic happens, every component of our brew house was handpicked to ensure the most efficient use of energy and the safest environment for our people.  We even repurpose our spent grains to local farmers for stock feed.  So some of the beef served at our Springfield brewery and restaurant was, in a previous life, fed our own spent grains.  And you know what they say, happy cows make great burgers.  We’re sure somebody says that.