Why wine on tap?

Kegged wine offers a sustainable solution to providing fresh, delicious, eco-friendly, value friendly wine to restaurants and consumers.

The Benefits of Wine on Tap

No more oxidized wines by the glass or bottle waste, as the wine never touches air or gas until it is about to be served to a customer, and a keg is less susceptible to variations in temperature. Wine on tap eliminates bottles left sitting around already open, or being stored incorrectly.

Save money compared to the same wine from bottle; eliminate loss from corked bottles and oxidized wines.

Reduce carbon footprint by eliminating packaging with a reusable container. Waste is almost 100% avoided when using a wine on tap system.

A keg takes up less space and is easier to handle than 26 bottles (on average) with no need to dispose of empty bottles.

ProducerCountryRegionKeg Size
Acrobat Pinot GrisUSAOregon19.5L
North By Northwest ChardonnayUSAWashington19.5L
Acrobat Pinot NoirUSAOregon19.5L
Hahn Pinot NoirUSACalifornia19.5L
Broadside Cabernet SauvignonUSACalifornia19.5L